About Us

Project P.A.C.E. was started in January 2014 by a computer programmer Edward Privorotsky who got too tired of sitting in front of a screen. Edward has been building wooden vermicomposters for several years and decided to expand the project by renting a piece of land on the island of Montreal and developing a permaculture farm.

The first projects of hugelkultur and vermicomposting didn’t bring the best results, but we continued to learn and explore new ideas. In 2015 “chickens” project started. It turned out to be a big success. Thanks to “chickens” project, new methods and technologies emerged: mobile chicken coops, chicken tractors in the orchard and a bio-shelter. Then, late in 2017, ducks, goats and sheep have been added to the farm.

During all these years we gained knowledge and experience in cooperating with nature, we started to understand how to live in harmony with it.